Cleaning Guidelines for Healthcare Industry

Whether it’s a doctor’s office, outpatient clinic, hospital, dentist, ambulatory care center or a pediatrician, cleaning plays an important role to keep patients and staff healthy as well as eliminate the germs and minimize the risk of infection. There is no secret that these places are full of infectious substances that basically spread from person to person due to airborne germs, bodily fluids, and general human contact. That’s why cleanliness is essential for every healthcare industry as it is linked with protecting the health of millions of people every day. Thus, healthcare networks require the highest level of cleaning standards to keep patients safe and offer a positive patient experience.

Here are some cleaning guidelines that everyone must follow to maintain safety.

Meet Environmental Cleaning Standards for Healthcare Facilities

When it comes to hospital cleaning, everyone thinks about ‘what cleaning standard is required in healthcare’. So, to maintain a healthy environment, it is vital for every hospital to meet the highest level of cleaning standards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandate that healthcare businesses that don’t fulfill the standards may be subject to fine or even closure of the hospital. That’s why every healthcare facility must follow specific healthcare cleaning standards.

Take Precautions

Before going with the hospital cleaning, it is important to keep the patients’ and staff’s safety in mind. One should never forget to wear the protective equipment such as gloves, safety glasses, and mask to help keep infectious substances away. If you are already sick, then you are advised not to go with hospital cleaning as you’ll be more prone to infection.

Always Use Clean Equipment

When starting cleaning, it is advised to always use the clean mop head. Also, it is wise to remove the gloves and wash your hands after disinfecting an area and moving with the next one. If you have no substitute for washing hands with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, then you should use hand sanitizer. Always use the new PPE kit to clean a new area; otherwise you may unintentionally spread infections that way.

Overclean the Area If in Doubt

As there are hundreds of visitors to the healthcare premises daily who bring hundreds of types of bacteria along with them. So, cleaning off the area at its highest level is important to prevent infection being passed between patients, visitors, and staff. So, if you notice an area that is in doubt, again clean it to ensure that you have removed all the potential for infectious material.

Always Use a Checklist

Never forget to create a checklist to ensure that you don’t miss any step in the hospital cleaning. Cleaning checklist is a kind of reminder about all the essential details of cleaning healthcare premises. By creating the checklist, you can also track the progress of work like on which step you have reached in how much time.

Final Words

Failure to follow the cleaning guidelines doesn’t result in any fines, but several opposing penalties could come about. The most serious of all is that a patient, visitor or staff member could become infected with a disease, which can cost thousands of dollars. So, it is vital to clean the healthcare premises from time to time.

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