How to Deep Clean Your Home Before Moving In?

Moving into a new house can be a really daunting task for every homeowner. If you are moving to a new home, there are a few important things you don’t want to forget to do and home deep cleaning is one of them. No matter you are renting an apartment or buying your own home, deep cleaning is important before moving in. There are chances that people who lived before you have left behind dirt, dust, and grime. So, it becomes vital to deep clean the house before settling in.

To get the best home Deep Cleaning Services in Columbus, you should hire a professional home deep cleaning service provider who can clean and disinfect your new house according to your requirements.

Where to Start Home Deep Cleaning?

When it comes to deciding where to start home deep cleaning, you should choose whether to start from the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living room. When moving into a new residence, you should start by cleaning the rooms that need to be settled immediately like the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. While moving into a furnished house, you need to check the fans, lights, fixtures etc. Let’s have a look at the right ways to clean your house.

Clean Fans and Lighting Fixtures

Ceiling fans and lighting fixtures are prone to get dirty if they are not cleaned regularly. Having dust on the fans is the main reason why dust sprinkles on the place just below the fans. That’s why it is vital to start cleaning from the top of every room. When you are done with the top of the house cleaning, then you should move on to the other places in the house to clean.

Clean the Bathroom

After cleaning the fans and lights, it’s great to clean the bathroom first because it’s the place that you are using during the cleaning process. Deep cleaning of the bathroom is not a tough job. You can start cleaning the floor by rubbing it with soapy water and a sponge. Also, an antibacterial spray will help in killing germs and bacteria.

Clean the Kitchen

Once you have done with kitchen cleaning, you should move on to the kitchen. In order to remove the renter’s cooking smell, your kitchen needs to be well-cleaned and sanitized before starting cooking. Make sure to start the cleaning from the top like ceiling, vents, exhaust fans, and light fixtures. After that, clean the walls, countertops, counters, and cabinets.

Clean the Rooms

After cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, you should go with cleaning room by room. While cleaning the rooms, never forget to follow the process of cleaning from top to down. Besides furniture items, walls, ceilings, windows, and doors, never ignore things like doorknobs, light switches, closet interiors, etc.

Final Words

Cleaning the entire house will not be a challenging task if you hire a professional cleaning company like Maid For Homes to deep clean your home. Because we are experts in cleaning and have the right tools and equipment to clean as well as sanitize the home, so, hire us today to make your house clean and make it ready to settle.

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