Keeping Your Pet Safe During a House Cleaning


Many people believe that pets and clean houses don’t go hand in hand. However, that’s not the case if you know what you’re doing. Although a pet can make a huge mess in your house, there still are ways to keep your house glistening and fragrant. For instance, you can hire professional house cleaners that are experienced in dealing with pet filth.

That begs the question, are there any safety hazards in using cleaning chemicals while your pet is around? Unfortunately, yes. Nonetheless, you can keep your pet safe during cleaning using our tips in this guide, or by getting in touch with our pet friendly cleaners in Columbus, Ohio at Maid For Homes!

Are Cleaning Products Dangerous For Pets?

There are numerous ingredients in everyday cleaning supplies that can be fatally dangerous to most pets. Your dog/cat can’t read the labels on your supplies, therefore it is your duty to make sure that they’re not being exposed to hazardous chemicals. Here are some supplies that must be kept out of reach of all pets.

  • Oven cleaners
  • Dishwashing tablets
  • Bleach
  • Detergents

The worst-case scenario is if your beloved animal ingests one of the chemicals listed above. Dogs and cats are naturally curious, and they love exploring everything in their reach. The same is with cleaning supplies, especially since most of these supplies are heavily scented.

Many expert vets have confirmed that even coming into contact with dangerous chemicals can be critical for pets. For instance, your dog may get burns on its paws from touching bleach, your cat may inhale aerosol cleaner, etc. 

This is why it’s crucial to keep your pets away from cleaning supplies. This can be done by following a strict cleaning protocol every time you clean, or by hiring our dog friendly cleaners in Columbus, Ohio

Dangerous Cleaning Ingredients

Here’s the complete list of chemicals that your pet shouldn’t engage with whatsoever.

  • Chlorine
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Ammonia
  • Any phenol compound
  • Formaldehyde
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Glycol ethers

Keeping Your Pet Safe During a Cleaning

In case you don’t have our natural house cleaners in Columbus, Ohio on your side, here are some things you can do to keep your pet safe from dangerous chemicals during cleaning.

Using Safe Products

You’d be surprised at how many pet-safe cleaning supplies are available in the market. Carpet shampoos, laundry detergents, cleaning solvents – you name it and there will be a pet-safe version of it available in your nearest Walmart. As an alternative, you can also use homemade natural cleaning products such as vinegar-water mixtures. 

  • Lemon juice
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda

Natural/pet-safe cleaning products ensure that your little furry friends are never in danger.

Store Cleaning Supplies Responsibly

The next step to keeping your pet safe from toxic chemicals is to store them out of the pet’s reach. Never leave bleach or any similar cleaning supplies in reach of your dog/cat. 

Rinse out your bleach buckets once you’re done cleaning, and store the bleach in a closed cupboard. You may even use a small cupboard lock if you think your dog is too clever and excited to be fooled by that.

Follow the Instructions

All cleaning products have instructions on how they should be used. For example, bleach must be diluted before use. This will not only reduce harm to your pets if they touch it but also to you and your family. Always read the instructions on your cleaning supplies and follow them duly.

Moreover, once you have used a cleaning product, rinse the surface with water and make sure none of it is left lingering for your pet to touch, lick, or even consume. One of the main advantages of hiring our natural house cleaners in Columbus, Ohio is that we know every detail about the cleaning products we use. This lets us take all the extra precautions needed to clean a pet containing household.

Remove Your Pets From the Cleaning Area

Obviously, you should make sure that your pets are never in the same room as the one you’re cleaning at the moment. Only start cleaning once your pet is in another room of your house, and you’re sure that they won’t unexpectedly barge in. 

This means putting the lid down on your toilet if you’ve just bleached it and closing the bathroom door on your way out. Also, don’t let your pet come in until everything has been rinsed off and the floor is dry.  


Take Out the Trash

Once you’re finished using a cleaning supply, make sure to dispose of it properly. This includes throwing away used wipes, rinsing out liquid cleaners from buckets, and ensuring that no bleach bottles are left unattended. Finally, make sure that the lids of your trashcan are secure and shut at all times.

Signs That Your Pet Has Been Exposed to Dangerous Cleaning Products

Pets may exhibit the following behavior in case of coming in contact with toxic cleaning supplies.

  • Sore skin
  • Ulcers (on their skin, mouth, or paws)
  • Visible sickness 
  • Unusual coughing
  • Lack of energy
  • Pawing their body or mouth 
  • Collapsing
  • Not eating as much, or having trouble eating
  • Foaming at the mouth

In case you see your pet showing any of these signs, call your vet immediately. This situation is an extreme emergency and must be dealt with by professionals as soon as possible.

Maid For Homes: Natural House Cleaners In Columbus, Ohio

Over at Maid For Homes, we understand how much you love your pets. Our maids are well-aware of the ingredients used in their cleaning supplies, and how they can affect our customers’ pets. Moreover, they are trained to clean pet households, making them experienced in dealing with pets.

Maid For Homes is known to be one of the most dog friendly cleaners in Columbus, Ohio. While booking your cleaning at Maid For Homes, make sure to select the Pets In Home option. This will let us know that extra caution must be taken, and which supplies should be used. All in all, when you choose Maid For Homes’s pet friendly cleaners in Columbus, Ohio, you can rest assured that your pet will never be in danger of consuming any unhealthy cleaning products.

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