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Green and Eco-Friendly Cleaning
Services in Columbus, Ohio

Green Cleaning

Do the harsh chemicals in most cleaning products these days concern you? Are you worried that they may pose health risks to you or your family? Or do you worry about the impact these cleaning products may have on the environment?

Do you also love a sparkling clean home but struggle to find the time to keep it that way?

If your busy schedule is keeping you from finding organic and eco-friendly cleaning products or making it difficult for you to find the time to clean your home, then Maid For  cleaning services Columbus are the perfect solution for you.

We believe that lacking the time to clean your own home shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on your health and environmental principles. That’s why we offer green and eco-friendly cleaning services to fit within your natural lifestyle.

Curious to learn more about what a green cleaning entails? Read on to see why this service is a great option for keeping your home clean and the environment safe.

What is a Green or Eco-Friendly Cleaning?

Designed for those who love a clean home but hate the health risks or environmental concerns associated with harsh chemicals, a green or eco-friendly cleaning is a top-quality, professional cleaning that uses natural, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solutions to clean your home. You’ll love the way your home shines and sparkles without placing the environment in harm.

A green cleaning is also a great option for people who have allergies or other health issues which can be aggravated by harsh chemicals in normal cleaning products. The products we use for our green cleaning services are natural, meaning they’ll be much less likely to cause health problems such as headaches, itchy eyes, or sore throats.

Will an Eco-Friendly Clean Work as Well as a Regular Cleaning?

It absolutely will. Many people believe that strong chemicals are necessary to properly clean dirt and germs, but that simply isn’t the case. Natural, eco-friendly cleaning solutions work just as well, and in some cases even better than normal cleaning sprays. These products contain ingredients like essential oils and plant-based surfactants, which provide powerful yet natural antiseptic, antifungal, and disinfecting properties. Because of that, these products can make it even easier to remove dirt and grime by getting beneath it and lifting it up.

All of the green cleaning materials we’ll bring with us have been extensively tested and are of the highest quality. We know that you still expect to have a sparkling clean home when we visit, and these products allow us to provide that while also caring for your health and the health of our planet.

Maid For Homes Offers the Best Green and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in Columbus, Ohio

We know you could choose other cleaning companies in Columbus, Ohio, but none of them can provide the quality green cleaning services that we can at Maid For Homes. From start to finish, we go out of our way to provide outstanding house cleaning services and exceptional experiences.

Our booking process is extremely simple and straightforward, and you can have an appointment scheduled in under a minute with our online booking form. All we need is a little info about your home and the date and time you’d like us to visit, and we’ll be there to whip it into shape.

We even provide all of the green cleaning products and quality equipment necessary to clean your home. No more wasting time searching for organic or eco-friendly cleaning sprays because we’ve got it covered.

And since we know safety is a concern for many, we make sure that we are working with the best cleaners in the area. Our rigorous vetting process means our cleaners have passed both in-person interviews and background checks. So you can be confident that your belongings and home are just as safe as the products we’ll use to clean them.

And finally, we believe that using natural products shouldn’t lower the quality of your clean. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not thrilled with the green cleaning service you received, let us know and we’ll send someone back to take care of it, free of charge.

Maid For Homes’s Cleaning Checklist

At Maid For Homes, every flat rate package utilizes a cleaning checklist to ensure that we don’t miss or overlook anything important and that our cleaners provide the same high quality clean during every visit. Our green cleaning services are no exception to this. We’ll use our same comprehensive cleaning checklist, but we’ll use more natural products and cleaning methods to achieve the same great results, all while still adhering to your environmentally friendly lifestyle.

If you want to outsource your cleaning with a company who can fit within your natural and eco-friendly lifestyle, book green cleaning services with Maid For Homes today!

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