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A Smart Office Cleaning Checklist Everyone Should Follow

If you are running an office, it’s your responsibility to always keep it neat, clean, and organized so that your productivity can be increased. You should also ensure that you are providing your employees with an enjoyable and healthy environment. Also, the condition of your office directly impacts the visitors. Office space is basically divided into distinct sections such as kitchen, bathrooms, common workspaces, and conference rooms. Each of these spaces requires its own cleaning checklists. So, taking a systematic approach to office cleaning not only helps in keeping your office functional and presentable but saves your time and money also. So, when planning for office cleaning, it is vital for you to try the office cleaning checklist. The best office cleaning checklist contains information about how often all the parts of your office should be cleaned.

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

Some of the areas that are used most, should be cleaned on daily basis to preserve the hygiene levels. Daily cleaning tasks include cleaning workspace, bathrooms, restrooms, reception area, and kitchen.

Work Spaces and Meeting Areas Cleaning Checklist

  •         Empty all the trash cans regularly, disinfect them and replace the trash bags
  •         Vacuum or broom/mop the floors daily
  •         Remove dust from all the furniture items like computers, tables, chairs, and working area
  •         Disinfect the hard surfaces and electronic items daily like computers, printers, etc.
  •         Clean all the glass windows regularly with glass cleaner

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

  •         Disinfect the toilets on a regular basis
  •         Clean the washroom mirrors properly with glass cleaners
  •         Disinfect all the bathroom corners
  •         Make sure to fill the hand wash, change the toilet papers and paper towels on time
  •         Disinfect the faucets handles and doorknobs regularly

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

  •         Empty kitchen garbage bins and replace the garbage bags
  •         Clean the sinks, microwave, coffee maker, and kitchen towels daily
  •         Disinfect the switch plates, doorknobs, and other most touched items
  •         Mop the floor regularly because the kitchen floor is usually oily

Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

Besides daily cleaning tasks, there are also some cleaning tasks that are not needed to perform daily, but weekly basis. Here is the list of such tasks:

  •         Make sure to polish the hard floor and mirrors after a week
  •         Deep clean the refrigerator, microwave, and other kitchen appliances weekly or biweekly that are not cleaned daily
  •         Scrub the sinks and tiles of the kitchen and bathroom after one or two weeks
  •         Scrub the trash cans inside and outside

Monthly Office Cleaning Checklist

Last but not the least, it is also important to follow the monthly cleaning checklist. Monthly tasks should be executed once in four or six weeks. Here is the list of monthly cleaning tasks:

  •         Wipe down the blinds
  •         Organize all the drawers and wardrobes and discard all the useless items
  •         Disinfect the hard-to-reach places or items on a monthly basis
  •         Clean the carpets monthly that are in high-traffic areas

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