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An Ultimate Guide on Move In and Move Out Cleaning Checklist

People move in and move out residentially and commercially on regular basis. Whether you are moving in or out to or from a house, there is a lot to do while leaving and cleaning is one of them. Well, everyone wants to live in a clean and organized place, so it needs to plan for move in and move out cleaning checklist.

If you are moving out of your current location and willing to leave the home in pristine condition for the next tenant, then you must adapt the move-out cleaning checklists. Also, when moving into a new home, there is a lot to do in order to disinfect the home. Read the guide to ensure the move in and move out cleaning checklist.

General Cleaning

  •       Firstly, look for screws and hardware stuck in the wall. If they are found loose, then remove them and fill the hole and repaint the spot.
  •       Dust the whole room starting from ceilings and walls to windows and floors. Also, don’t forget to clean the baseboards.
  •       Clean air ducts, ceiling fans, fireplace, and exhaust fans.
  •       Vacuum the floor and then mop it.

Kitchen Cleaning

  •       Clean all the kitchen appliances from small to large sized. Also pay close attention to cleaning the inner of the fridge, oven, and dishwasher.
  •       As cabinet corners hide dirt and germs, so, it’s wise to remove the drawers and also remove all the belonging from them to ensure proper cleaning.
  •       A stovetop contains the hard-sticking grease and stains, thus it needs to be cleaned with baking soda to easily deal with the stains.
  •       Never forget to clean all the glass surfaces including doors, windows, tabletops, and corners. Always use a microfiber cloth as it picks up the dirt better and gives you the best results.
  •       Also scrub the sink and faucet.
  •       Clean as well as disinfect all the countertops and the floor.

Bathroom Cleaning

  •       Besides the kitchen, the landlord also notices the bathroom. So, never forget to clean the three major elements: toilet, shower, and bathtub.
  •       Scrub and disinfect the bathroom tiles, sinks, shower doors, and toilets inside and outside with a good cleaning product.
  •       Remove all the drawers in the bathroom and then inspect and clean the countertops, cabinets, and drawers thoroughly.
  •       Also don’t forget to clean fixtures, towel bars, and baseboard.
  •       Clean the exhaust fan, and then vacuum the floor and mop it.

Living Room and Bedroom Cleaning

  •       First, you should need to do cleaning for all your bedroom and living room’s belongings such as furniture, pillows, cushions, and other fabric-related items.
  •       Remove dust from all of them and wash the rugs.
  •       Clean all of the room’s windows, window sills, walls, and ceiling fans.
  •       Wipe down all the lamps, lighting, and fixtures.
  •       Empty out all the drawers and clean all their corners.
  •       Also, don’t forget to clean and disinfect the doorknobs and handles.
  •       Vacuum the floor and then wash it.

Whether you are moving in or out, doing all things on this checklist can make sure that you have left the cleanest house for the next tenant and also shifting to the cleanest home. If you need any assistance regarding move in and move out cleaning, then going with Maid For Homes is the best option for you as we have expert cleaning professionals to make your cleaning task hassle-free. Call us to schedule an appointment!

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